What is Enigma 4?

Enigma is our engine for 64k intro development. Here's a list of its features:

  • DirectX11 class engine with SM5 support.
  • Procedural content creation using CPU and Compute Shaders
  • Implements deferred shading and forward rendering
  • Hardware pcf soft shadows
  • Full dynamic frustum culling
  • Post effects system
  • Supports bump-/specular-/refraction-mapping and per-pixel lighting
  • Supports particle systems, l-systems and swarm simulation
  • Includes raymarched terrain and planet shaders
  • Includes an animation system that can modify any parameter at any time
  • Ultra lightweight scripting system


What is Enigma Studio?

Enigma Studio is a tool that helps our artists in creating the contents for our productions. You can see a screenshot at the bottom. It allows to easily construct textures, materials, objects, groups, lightsources, cameras, particle systems, scenes and more while you can instantly see what the final result in the demo will look like. Everything in Enigma is made of a sequence of commands, and you can change every parameter at any time and play around with them until you have exactly what you wanted. Even non-artists can create things easily and quick which makes the work with the tool really fun. Also our current Tunefish v4 synthesizer is integrated tightly into the tool, making it a feature-complete demo production environment.

If you got here to fetch the source code of our demo "Turtles all the way down", then you came to the right place. Be warned however, this is right from the harddisk of our machine at the partyplace, 5 minutes after we handed the intro in. It's still not stable and you will probably run into lots of problems. So take this rather as an insight to see the inner workings of our intro and tool than to use it to actually make your own prod (except if you can bear the pain). A final version will be released once we have it.

Download full source code of enigma4, enigma studio 4 and our intro "Turtles all the way down"

You can ignore any virus scanner warnings you get while downloading this. It concerns kkrunchy.exe contained in this zip which unfortunatelly many virus scanners regard as malware just cause it is also used to pack many viruses.


Click here for Enigma 3 legacy page