Who we are

We're a group of people dedicated to making computer generated videos called 'demos'. We're completely non-commercial and do this in our freetime. Check our site for our productions and if you have any comments or want to contact us, send mail to contact(at)braincontrol(dot)org. For Information about the demoscene read this.


At this moment BC consists of the following members:

Nick Realname Location Job
ewerybody Eric Werner Frankfurt am Main, DE Graphics
hunta David Geier Berlin, DE Code
nytrik Guillaume Nichols Paris, FR Graphics
pap Martin Raack Berlin, DE Code
payne Christian Loos Marburg, DE Code, Music, Founder
skyrunner Frank Scheffel Braunschweig, DE Music, Founder
strepto Balázs Szórádi Budapest, HU Code

You can contact us by mail using <nick>@braincontrol.org